Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Toy *ahem* TOOL for the Studio

Something arrived in my mailbox on came in a smallish white box and looked like this:
Woo-hoo, a new studio teaching tool: the Apple iPad Air! I'm thrilled to be able to incorporate this iPad into my teaching routine. There are so many great apps available out there, ranging from beginner note reading apps, ear training games, theory tutorials, composition tools and more.
Joy Morin has a great blog called Color in my Piano (see link on sidebar). She has reviewed several music teaching apps, and I'll be reading up on these in great detail. If I find a favourite app I will definitely write a post on it. For starers a fun ear training app is Blob Chorus- it's free and kids love it.

But in the meantime I'm taking a short break from reality by basking in the Bahamian sun. It's a trip we decided to take to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. Our beach house is beautiful and is situated on an isolated white sand beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The rest of the week includes reading on the deck, visiting local food and craft markets, snorkelling and hunting for shells, and doing yoga to the sounds of the ocean. See you all when I get back!
- Jennifer

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