Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A New Festival Playlist and other things on the go...

I present to you a new playlist from my YouTube channel, featuring set piano pieces for this year's local music festival. This list covers all the classes for 5-16 years and under. I hope to post the next set of pieces (9-14 years and over) in the next week or so. I hope this will help teachers and students choose their 2015 festival pieces, and also give them a glimpse of some great Canadian music from Northern Lights.

In other news, my duet Sneaky Snakes is now available for purchase in the Northern Lights Elementary Duets collection!
And the Pedal Monster has been hard at work guarding my pedal mechanism from wild kicking feet! (Don't knock him off or you will leave with extra homework!)

Finally, I am trying to complete the memorization of an amazing piece by Canadian composer Alexina Louie called Starstruck. I have three out of four movements memorized and have spent a good number of hours this week working on the final one. It is taking all of my brain (and finger) power to get this one. This piece is a selection I am learning for my Northern Lights Licentiate exam, which I hope to take this winter.
That's all for now,
~ Jen

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