Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Canada Music Week 2014

Our Canada Music Week recital on Friday November 21st was a complete success! We had about twenty students performing works by Canadian composers (including local composer Debra Wanless) and a fabulous audience turnout. After the performance we had a draw for two paintings that were generously donated by composer Rémi Bouchard. The reception was a hit as always, due to the enormous celebratory cake and take-home Canadian souvenirs. We got to hear a great variety of Canadian music, and I think everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves and learned something new.

In other news I have a new recording to share in celebration of Canada Music Week. It's a piece called Starstruck by Alexina Louie. This piece consists of four continuous movements; Starstruck, Interlude: Midnight Sky, Berceuse des étoiles, and Epilogue. I chose this piece as part of the program for my upcoming CNCM piano exam. This piece paints the picture of a starry night sky and explores the extreme registers of the piano. There are also many sotto voce effects achieved through the use of the soft pedal. This piece was extremely challenging to memorize...see what you think!
~ Jen

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