Saturday, May 16, 2015

End of Year Preparations!

The rest of our term is filled with exciting preparations. First, there is the final recital of the year. Students are busy memorizing their pieces, practising duets, and putting the final touches on their own compositions (this year's composition theme is "Places I've Been"). We will try everything out at an informal performance class before the big day arrives.
Ensemble practice
Other students are busy preparing for RCM and CNCM examinations; this involves technical, aural, sight reading, harmonization, vocalization and improvisation tests, playing studies and repertoire pieces, and in some cases a written program and oral presentation. We are on the final stretch guys!

Finally, some students are thinking ahead to Summer Sizzle in July, when they will participate in Keyboard Kamp with many visiting Canadian composers. There will be group composition sessions, Composers & Kids sessions, jazz master classes, art classes, sing-along sessions, and more! We are really looking forward to it! Click here for more information on Summer Sizzle.

Take a look at our recital trailer for this year. If you missed last year's, click here to see it.
~ Jen

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