Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Start of Fall Term

Today was the day.  Some teachers will wait for students to "settle in" at school before starting back with piano lessons.  But not me! I like to start back with the first week of school.  In fact the sooner the better!  I have so many new ideas and goals rolling around in my head that I really can't wait to start sharing and working on them.

I've had some time over the summer to get lots of new music games and worksheets ready, plus I'm trying out this fabulous set of books called Northern Lights by the Canadian National Conservatory of Music.   My friend and colleague Irene and I decided to purchase the entire series this summer while at the music symposium Summer Sizzle.

The CNCM was founded in 2002 and is a national music academy that offers teachers and students a new approach to private music examinations.  Although I still readily help prepare students for RCM examinations, I'm excited to start trying out some CNCM exams as well.

What else?  Well, it's great to see those students I missed teaching over the summer; plus there are a couple of new faces as well.  The start of the fall term is just perfect to get a fresh start on things: whether a student is starting from scratch, choosing music for Canada Music Week, choosing an ensemble partner or starting on a new level, it's always good to get back into the routine of making music and having some fun together.

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