Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Canada Music Week/Blue Snowball Mic Trial #2

November 17th to 23rd, 2013 is Canada Music Week... it's a week to celebrate, support and promote everything to do with Canadian music.  Yay!  This friday our local registered music teachers group (ORMTA) is hosting a student recital in celebration, and the program features twenty different Canadian composers.  Stay tuned for highlights from this recital...

But for this post I am choosing to feature one of my favourite Canadian composers, Alexina Louie.

Soon after using my Blue Snowball mic to record Martha Hill Duncan's Winter Skates I decided I wanted to learn Music for Piano by Alexina Louie. If you are unfamiliar with Louie's style, it often has many changing time signatures or a lack of time signature (senza misura), frequent changes of key signature or the use of accidentals instead of a key, and uses the absolute full range of the piano. Here is a sample of the piano score (the first page of the third movement).

Copyright Gordon V. Thompson Music
The levels in these recordings are not perfect...I am still playing with the position of the mic and where to place it to achieve the best sound.  Also I'm no Christina Petrowska Quilico, but hopefully you enjoy listening anyway.  I really enjoyed learning them for Canada Music Week.  Who's your favourite Canadian composer?
~ Jennifer


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