Thursday, November 14, 2013

Inspiration Comes Easy

I like to take walks.  They're usually in the morning (the best time of day, I think!) and always down my road.  When we lived in town I would do my walking downtown-- there I would see interesting people and storefronts, run some errands and maybe grab a coffee.  Now that we've moved out of town I see and hear a giant waterfall, chat with my hubby on his way to work and do tons of thinking about my music.

I get many of my composition ideas from nature...bird calls, wind, snow, sunlight and yes, waterfalls.  I wrote the Inglis Falls Suite for piano last winter when I decided to really get back into composing.  The suite is made up of two short pieces for intermediate piano and represents two contrasting types of water within the falls.  The first is an even, calm flow of water that starts high and ends low.  The second is bubbly, fast rushing water weaving its way downstream.

I love having this natural inspiration at my fingertips...I can hum a new melody on my walk home and write it down when I step in the door....warm my hands with a cup of coffee and keep scratching away with my pencil all morning.  How lucky am I?
~ Jennifer

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