Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Weakness: Fun Studio Games!

Ok, here goes: I have music games for every season and almost every occasion and I love them! It's great to hear a student come in the studio and say "Can we play the _______ game today?" Ok, they're mostly saying it because they love beating the teacher, and maybe sometimes I have prizes involved, but I do think it adds variety and some extra fun learning to the last bit of a lesson. Don't you?

I mean, look at these St. Patrick's Day games. Aren't they cute?! The kids don't even mind learning new musical terms, as long as they get the GOLD at the end of the rainbow (thank you Dollarama)! Thanks also to Susan Paradis who has so wonderful teaching resources (many of them free...donations accepted!). 

You can also get lots of great theory worksheets from various music blogs, and it's easy to make your own too. Now it's not even a question of whether they take home a theory worksheet or not, it's WHICH theory worksheet they want to take with them! I've even started customizing sheets to some of my students' interests (for example Star Wars), which is going to be a big hit once it catches on. Maybe I will do a post about these when I get more created...

Have a fun St. Patrick's Day...this little girl always does! *ahem* Yes this is an old picture but Tim recently found it and I couldn't help posting it. 

If you want to read about more of my music games check out this post from a couple years ago. Thanks for reading!
~ Jen

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