Saturday, April 25, 2015

Countdown and Congratulations

Well the countdown is officially on: only 13 days until my big exam! This month has been spent performing my program out for various audiences on different instruments, and tonight marks my fourth and final "preparation" concert. I'll have some good solid time after tonight to rest up my arms and go over the finer details of my pieces before the big day. I also hope to get them recorded, as I doubt I'll ever have this much repertoire ready ever again!

In other news, I want to congratulate all my students who competed in the Kiwanis Music Festival last week! You were all so brave and played so well, and I hope you had fun too. The comments from the adjudicator were very encouraging and helpful, and the duets were especially fun. 

And now, on to the last leg of the spring term which involves preparing our recital pieces and student compositions. I can't wait to compile this year's book; our theme is Places I've Been and the songs we have so far are fantastic. Keep up with those great ideas! I'm also working on a few more pre-grade one pieces to add to my Ocean Tails collection; stay tuned for more on these, and happy spring!
~ Jen

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