Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blue Snowball Mic Trial #1

So for some reason the GarageBand app on my iPad mini isn't supporting my new usb mic (and I even bought a special adapter cable for it!) so I had to move my computer in order to use the mic today.  I had the piano tuned less than a week ago and the microphone seems pretty foolproof, so I hope it sounds good!  I could definitely use a crash course in GarageBand but that is another story...

I decided to record two new pieces of my own today, plus a couple of songs by Canadian composer Martha Hill Duncan.  I met Martha this past July at the Summer Sizzle symposium, where she played excerpts from her composition Winter Skates.  This set of pieces really captured me, and was the only music I bought for myself at the trade show.  I decided to record it in celebration of Canada Music Week next month. 

Here is what Martha has to say about #1, On the Pond: "A shivery winter morning surrounded by ice fog with the sun just beginning to peek through. The skater is alone and christens the pristine ice first with easy glides, then more energetic spins and jumps." 

#2, At City Hall, reads "The bustling and energetically charged outdoor rink from the first skater of the day to the last stragglers of the night.  A variety of skaters are featured-- beginners and experienced skaters...energetic teenage boys and romantic couples".

I'm sure I could've improved my recording levels somehow but I'm just not that experienced with GarageBand yet.  Anyway the point was to have fun and share some wonderful Canadian music.
~ Jennifer

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