Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My New Mic

So I got my fancy official letter today from CFMTA and (cue drum roll) my honorarium!  And I've already decided what I'm going to buy with my prize money: a professional-quality USB microphone called the Blue Snowball. I got my inspiration for this purchase from an invaluable music blog called Pianoanne (I love you Pianoanne!).  
I can hook up this cool-looking gadget to my iPad and start recording pieces with Garage Band right away.  
I plan to record my own stuff, plus music that I'm working on and some students' work as well.  Also this mic will be a welcome addition to our intimate studio recitals.  My snowball will be arriving soon; I have my piano tuning arranged and I'm working away like mad with any spare time that I have.  Stay tuned for  lots of updates on my new toy!
~ Jennifer  

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