Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Composition Project: Duets Part 3

Ok, here is the final instalment in my primary duets project: it's a little ditty called Sneaky Snakes. I wanted to compose a duet that incorporated some sound effects, namely because they are fun! Some sound effects I have come across recently include drums, hand clapping, foot stomping, vocal sounds, snapping, and tapping or knocking on the piano itself. But I wanted to use something different.

I've always liked shaker eggs; they are fun to look at, to hold and of course shake. They're also portable, affordable and easy to use, which explains why I decided to use a shaker egg as the instrument for my sound effect. Next I decided what the egg sound would emulate, and not surprisingly I chose a rattlesnake.
Then my snake song needed a melody and beat.  I had been humming a melody in my head that for some reason included an augmented second, and I thought that sounded nice and eerie.  I chose the beat based loosely on some Aztec drum rhythms, which seem to be combinations of quarter and eighth notes in 2-measure repeated patterns.  Well, put all this into duet form and you get some pretty "sneaky snakes" I think.  Here it is, and please let me know what you think.  This is a Grade 1-2 level piece. And thank you to Irene for helping me record it!
~ Jennifer


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