Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sounds of the Season

Well, the holidays are creeping up on me. I'm really tired from trying to prepare for them, and even though I keep running around doing things I don't feel as though I'm getting ahead! I do enjoy this time of year though-- all of the get togethers with friends and family, the fun winter activities and of course an abundance of festive sounds. I love to listen to holiday music while I'm working away at home. And when I take a break I play through some of my Christmas piano music. Last week I read through one of my all-time favourites: A Charlie Brown Christmas.

This reminded me of an old recording I had done back in 2001 when living in Mississauga. Two colleagues and I formed a group called The Trio Aria, and we decided to record a Christmas CD to give out as gifts that year.  We each chose a solo to play on the CD, and I chose The Christmas Song as arranged by Vince Guaraldi in A Charlie Brown Christmas. This is still one of my favourite arrangements.

I also chose to upload a few of the other songs we played together. We did our own arrangements and chose popular as well as some lesser known Christmas songs. I remember using a good quality keyboard to play all the organ and harpsichord parts-- it was lots of fun. The sound quality is not great in these recordings, but keep in mind it is from a homemade CD 13 years ago!  Hope this spreads a bit of Christmas cheer anyway.
~ Jennifer

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