Friday, February 21, 2014

Composition Starts At Any Age

We have a little project going on at Lanthier Music Studio. It's a composition project, and all students are participating. That is to say, everyone is busy composing their own song! The theme for this year's project is The Seasons. I must say I have learned something from choosing this kind of theme, because as much as I'd hoped we'd have a variety of songs from every season, most of the songs so far revolve around winter. I really should've guessed this outcome as I am so often inspired by what I am experiencing in the present too. 

It's amazing how so many students find it easy to come up with a song they can call their own. I love the enthusiasm these students have, and how they know exactly what their song will sound like. For the students who are too young to notate music, I ask them to play me their piece and I write it down for them. A bonus comes from parents who can work alongside their child at home, offering ideas and often helping to write them down; this kind of help is invaluable!

The goal I have is to take everyone's songs and compile a book of student compositions. Each student will play their song at our end-of-term recital and take home a copy of the book. As a side note they are really excited to have their handwritten piece turn into something that looks like "real music". 

I was never encouraged to improvise or compose during my own music studies. The only composing I can ever remember doing before University happened while strumming the guitar during my teen angst years. So if I can get these talented individuals going early, who knows what benefits they might see? At the very least, they will experience some fulfillment and pride in knowing they were part of this special  music project. Here's to young composers!
~ Jennifer

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