Friday, February 14, 2014

A New Composition/Happy Valentine's Day!

Well I finally made time to sit down at the piano this week and do some writing. I've been wanting to do it earlier but with such a busy start to the new year it's been almost impossible to find time. I wanted to write a piece about walking on the snow since I recently tuned in to the wonderfully musical and rhythmic squeaky sounds my boots made while walking. And since my nature walks are currently on hold (due to some major inflammation in my foot) I was glad to try and recreate a wintry walk down our snowy road through my music.  

And look at the morning I had for writing (see pictures below...even Mozart is seizing the day)! With all that sunlight streaming in, beckoning me to my bench I happily sipped my coffee while scratching away with my pencil.

Eventually I emerged with what I decided to call A Winter's Walk; an intermediate piece featuring a repeated "footstep" pattern. Take a listen and see what you think!

On a side note I've really enjoyed using these theory printables from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources. What a fun way to do theory worksheets and celebrate Valentine's Day at the same time. Check out her website for lots of free worksheets and even sheet music. Have a great day with your Valentines! 
~ Jennifer 

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