Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kiwanis Festival, Set Pieces for Piano, ages 5 to 10 years & under

Hi! I just decided to make videos of all the set piano pieces for the Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music. These great pieces come from the Canadian series of books called Northern Lights, by the Canadian National Conservatory of Music. The comprehensive festival classes range from 5 years & under to 14 years & over with many classes in between. This post will cover right up to 10 years & under (only because I ran out of time to record yesterday!)

I hope these short videos will prove useful to those who still need to pick their festival piece(s). Thankfully the deadline has been moved to February 10th because of the crazy wintry weather we've been having.  I also hope they will be useful to students who are learning one of the pieces and would like to hear another interpretation of it.  Alternatively they can serve as a resource for someone who is trying to pick a new piece from the Northern Lights books. Whichever way you happen upon them I hope you enjoy them and find them of some use!
~ Jennifer

P.S. If you need to view the festival syllabus again click here.

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