Monday, May 19, 2014

A Bluesy Duet and Other News

I started this duet when the "spring" weather was still very bleak and cold and everyone was complaining about the long winter. I was in the mood for writing a bluesy duet, and out came the Long Winter Blues. This piece has a walking bass line, swinging eighth notes and some long lines and long notes to emphasize the "looong" winter. 

I've been so busy with my practising lately that it took me a couple weeks to get this duet finished up, recorded and uploaded. So I guess it is a little late to still be crying the winter blues, but here it is nonetheless.

In other news, I am planning on using the yellow ball shown below for some DrumFit fun. I finally got a stand to hold the ball and Sofie was nice enough to lend me her drumsticks, so I am all set! I was first introduced to DrumFit at last year's Summer Sizzle and it was lots of fun; I hope to use the drum to practise/learn new rhythms with my students. Have a look at these fun rhythm flashcards from Pianoanne-- you can mix them up into different combinations!

Finally, I want to share some other exciting news: my duet arrangement of Simple Gifts is now available to purchase! I don't have eCommerce set up on my website yet, so until I do you can visit Debra Wanless Music to get your copy. Click here to order! Doesn't the cover look nice???

~ Jennifer

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