Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Memorizing Project: building the repertoire!

So I wasn't sure I would finish memorizing the Chopin in May-- it was such a busy month and went by so quickly. Miraculously I pulled it off and am ready to start on my next project: memorizing the third movement of Beethoven's Waldstein Sonata (see my post on memorizing the first movement here). 

The third movement takes about ten minutes to play and, although very beautiful, has some real technical challenges. The excerpt shown below shows the second last page, where the left hand is playing triplet quarter notes and the right hand is simultaneously playing a trill plus the melody in the top line. It is admittedly a little crazy, but it will definitely will get easier to play after memorizing.

Here is a great recording for you, though you need to skip ahead to 15:50 to hear the start of the third movement (or listen to the whole thing!):

I'm also sharing with you a track called Soft Sunlight. One reason for this is I am really tired and in a melancholy mood. The other reason is that the weather lately has been really beautiful, and I wrote this song upon gazing out my studio window onto the ferns and mossy rocks. The sunlight was so mellow and soft and everything was green, just like it was every morning this week.
~ Jennifer

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