Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer sizzle trip: Day 4

It was our final day today, and what a busy and exciting one! In addition to the wonderful workshops offered today (including yoga in the piano studio), I got all my shopping done and am thrilled with all my new music! Can't wait to play everything out when I get home :)
There was also a new music showcase presented by Debra Wanless Music, and Irene and I played my Simple Gifts duet...very fun!
In the afternoon we heard some great student group compositions. The Keyboard Kampers had worked on these impressive compositions with a visiting composer for only two days!

This evening there was a semi-formal dinner, followed by a gala and convocation. Besides honouring the CNCM silver medal award winners and graduates, the gala featured new and existing music from visiting composers, played by both students and composers. Irene and I played the premiere of my Sneaky Snakes duet!
These past four days in Yorkton have been was so nice making the trip out west to experience Summer Sizzle in a new setting. I have come away with so many new ideas and loads of inspiration....enough to last me until next year, I hope!

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