Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Sizzle: The Trip Home

Day 5 marked the beginning of our long trip home. We packed up and left our hotel by 7 AM and started our drive back to Winnipeg. The scenery was beautiful. We had to make one more stop in Minnedosa at our new favourite spot, the Chipperfield Coffee Company.  We made it to Winnipeg in good time, although the traffic there slowed us down a bit!

Our flight was only slightly delayed and we left Winnipeg just after 5 PM. Getting into Pearson International Airport was a bit tricky, and we had to circle back around before landing due to stormy weather. We landed in Toronto just before 9 PM local time, and I think everyone was glad to be back on the ground. Some of us went our separate ways and the airport while the rest of us carpooled back up north towards Owen Sound. During the drive we recounted our experiences over the past five days; it was definitely a trip to remember.

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