Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Sizzle trip: Day 2

Today we had a pretty relaxed start to the day, then moved on to one of the venues to start setting up for The Sizzle. We had lots of music to bring!
The afternoon was spent reviewing each room, making sure it had enough chairs, keyboards and other supplies needed for the upcoming workshops. We had some very organized people helping! The trade show tables were set up downstairs, displaying silent auction items and a multitude of books and exciting new Canadian music.
We also got the "goodie" bags ready for tomorrow morning...they have everything required for Summer Sizzle and more. So handy!
Lastly, almost everyone went to bed early tonight as it's a pretty early start tomorrow. Monday marks the official start of Summer Sizzle 2014. So many great people have come together and worked so hard to make these two days happen, and I'm sure all their hard work will pay off!

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