Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Song to Celebrate Children's Day

Yesterday we talked about putting up our Koinobori. Koinobori is a Japanese word meaning "carp streamer"; the streamers are put up each year in celebration of Children's Day in Japan. Houses all across Japan are decorated with these beautiful windsocks beginning in April to celebrate the national holiday on May 5, which celebrates children's happiness. Aren't they pretty?

I'd like to share my Koinobori song with you. This piano solo is based on the pentatonic scale and features a lyrical melody with a major (happy) sound. It also has a few features which I hope are both fun play and communicate the message of Children's Day, including hand crossing, squishy note clusters on the black keys and a wonderful black key glissando at the end. I hope you like my Children's Day composition!

Lately Marley has been enjoying the wonders of spring. He found a large mossy rock to perch on just outside my studio window. This is the view I have while I sitting at the piano! He must like to be near the piano sounds while getting his dose of fresh air. Aren't cats funny? That's all for this week-- I hope everyone had a great weekend!

~ Jennifer

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  1. What a terrific reminder to get the Koinobori on the post!


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