Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Mary Poppins...

Since I played it so much recently, my daughter must have gotten Feed the Birds stuck in her head. So I wasn't surprised when she picked out the movie Mary Poppins to watch on the weekend. I was going about some housework while it was on, and couldn't help humming along to all those catchy songs (which definitely made my cleaning more fun). And when Chim Chim Cher-ee came on I thought, "I should try to make this into a duet!". So I did.

I had a lot of fun arranging this as a duet. I wanted it to sound more music box-like than the movie version-- almost dreamlike, with images of swirls of smoke. It was challenging because it is a repetitive song, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. This is a late elementary level duet. Have a listen...

In other news, this week marks the start of the Kiwanis Music Festival. Good luck to everyone and have fun! My students Ella and Teagan have been working very hard on a duet they are performing next week. They make such a great pair. Click here to see their video.

I've also been trying to get some new games up and running. Namely, a great game called Robo Rama (thanks Susan Paradis piano teaching resources). In this game the student learns a variety of musical signs and symbols, though the highlight is knocking the opponent's robot down. It might be hard to beat the popularity of Good Puppy though, as the highlight is earning "puppy treats" for answering questions correctly. It's amazing how quickly they go through that stack of cards for a Hershey's Kiss.

That's all for this week. Thanks for stopping by!
~ Jennifer

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